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Garage Door Springs

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Full Repair for Smooth Performance

Most of the time, garage door springs behave quite well. However, when they cause the door to perform poorly, that's when you should hire us to deal with the problem effectively and quickly. If you have trouble opening or closing your door, we’ll come and adjust the torsion spring accurately. Our initial test will reveal whether there is too much or too little tension. Reducing it involves unwinding the spring, and with winding, the tension is increased. We work carefully to make the perfect adjustment and run a final test to ensure that the spring’s tension is optimal. In this case, it balances the door perfectly and allows for smooth and secure opening and closing. If your spring is noisy, we’ll lubricate it to make it run smoothly once again.Garage Door Springs

Broken Spring Replacement Done Fast

When a spring breaks, there is a loud bang. This is the first sign of trouble. When you attempt to open the door, it will stay in place even though the motor is working smoothly. The best course of action is to disconnect the opener to protect it, and to stay put. Count on us to provide emergency assistance quickly. We’ll come over and replace the broken spring with a new one that’s the same type and size. It is our commitment to install only strong and durable components with long useful life. It is interesting to note that torsion springs can have a cycle life of 10,000, 15,000 and even 20,000 cycles. Extension ones usually have a life of 5,000 cycles while some models can perform as many as 10,000 cycles.

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