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Learn more about your garage door by reading the answers to people's questions. Simple and comprehensible!

What should I do if there is a power cut and the automatic door opener does not function?

Nearly all garage door openers can be disengaged and operated manually. Use the manual release handle or just pull the cord and the door can be used without the opener. After you've taken the car out, remember to engage the motor as it needs to start operating automatically once the power is back. In some cases the external key release opening system is also available to open the door manually.

Are all extension springs the same?

All extension springs for garage doors have the same purpose, which is to balance the weight of the door and lift it. Though, they differ in dimensions and you should choose them according to the specific type of your garage system since they are installed in different places for one panel and sectional doors.

Is broken spring the only cause of garage door jamming?

No, this issue is actually most often caused by a snapped cable. This is also considered an emergency situation. The cable must be replaced before the door can be operated safely. Less often, the door gets jammed because the track is severely bent. In this case, the component is either straightened or replaced depending on how bad the bending is.

Can I make adjustments or replace garage door springs by myself?

Since garage door cables, springs and the hardware they are connected to are always under extreme tension, it is highly advisable that you do not attempt to handle these dangerous parts of your door. Unless you are properly experienced and trained to work on these parts, you are putting yourself at risk of serious or fatal injury when handling these parts. Always call our experienced technicians to make replacements or adjustments to your garage door.

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