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One main reason why you may decide to have a gate is security. This is of utmost concern to anyone especially since you should feel the safest when you're at home. In this article, you're going to read more about the safety features you can use to make yours a lot safer. Of course, should you want any safety upgrades or repairs – you can count on our gate repair service any time.

Heavy Metal Protection

Ornamental Gates Repair in WashingtonWrought iron gates are so strong that they are used to create one of the most magnificent towers in the world, the Eiffel Tower. It comes as no surprise then, that they are a favorite when it comes to sheer toughness. When they are closed, they form an almost impregnable barrier that prevents people as well as vehicles from successfully breaking in.

The Wooden Sentry

A heavy wooden door may have an edge over ornamental iron gates when it comes to privacy protection. Wooden gate doors tend to be designed in such a way that they are able to totally cover the view of the driveway or the house. Metal ones on the other hand offer a somewhat unobstructed view of the driveway and home thus creating a privacy risk. Both wooden and iron gate repairs include safety inspections, following proper adjustments, troubleshooting and replacement if need be.

Calling for Access

One of the best ways you can protect yourself is with the incorporation of an intercom system. With this, you have the controls safe inside your home and guests outside may only request to gain entry into your property by calling you up via an intercom mounted to the outside post. By using one, you are able to ensure that the people who are allowed entry into your property are the ones that you have personally screened. In addition to gate repair services, our company will also be glad to install a new intercom system for you, in addition to fixing the older one.

Call Now for Same Day Gate Repair Services

These are three effective ways of protecting your privacy and ensuring your safety. If you're experiencing issues with any of these, then you should send us a message or call us at Garage Door Repair Spanaway to receive our professional gate repair services. To learn more about what we offer, you can checkout our website.

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