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Five Reasons to Consider Automatic Garage Door Installation

12/15/2013 Back To Blog

    Motorized operation:

Electric garage door openers allow for the door to be opened and closed using a motor. This provides a great convenience since there is no need to handle heavy garage doors. There are several different types of motor to suit any budget, with models which are very quiet, have minimal moving parts and offer a smooth motion for your door.

    Improved security:

Automatic doors are less vulnerable to intruders. Since the garage door is usually a home’s most likely point of entry for thieves, this can significantly reduce this risk. The bottom seal can reinforce the door from possible attempts to force the door open and since many models come complete with sensor security lighting, it can provide a great deterrent against crime.

    Energy efficient running:

There are a variety of different powered motors to suit individual needs. This allows for lighter doors not to be run with a more powerful motor wasting energy. Heavy doors such as steel or all glass may require a larger motor, but many of these are also very energy efficient.

    Safety protection:

Automatic doors are equipped as standard with safety features which prevent them closing unexpectedly. A sensor can detect obstructions and will not allow the door to close. The garage door rollers allow the door to be opened with the minimal amount of space without an outswing motion used on up and over doors. This reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle or injury during heavy winds.


The developments in technology allow the door to be opened, closed and locked with the use of a key fob. This means that you no longer need to leave your vehicle to open or close the door. These types of doors are also more weather proof, which means that even in stormy weather you should not need to leave your home to secure the garage. Many models come with additional features which provide convenience and additional security.

If you require assistance about whether an automatic garage door would be suitable for your property, contact garage door repair Spanaway, who would be happy to answer your questions or queries.

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